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Welcome to 株式会社 SK Japan (SK Japan Co., Ltd.).
SK Japan Co., Ltd is a unique and customer-friendly service-oriented company in Japan that was launched on 12th August 2020. It has been reaching the outside of Japan by exporting different vehicles or machines (cars, trucks, pickups, excavators, bicycles, forklifts, tractors, rice harvesters, etc.). The company is also exporting vehicle parts anywhere in the world based on customers’ requirements. Its best committed to providing services like water treatment plant designs, installments, quality inspections with fast tools/devices on sites, and maintenance throughout the life cycle in Japan and other countries. The company is strongly proving its efforts to research and development in the field of climate change, renewable energy, and sensing technologies.
Chief Executive Director Chief Executive Director Dr. Kashem, BSc and MS in Environmental Science from Khulna University, Bangladesh, PhD in Engineering from the University of Toyama, and Postdoc from the University of Nagoya, Japan is presently holding the position and solely devoted to serving the best services and make the services into trusted business all over the world. He would like to create fusion businesses networking globally and here anyone can join the company as a valued member to be a part of reaching the company’s goals.

Goal: To provide the best quality services and expand business networking globally.

Our Services: Researching the water treatment techniques and quality assurances method with sophisticated sensing technologies.  A key role is giving to solve the present issues like Climate Change, Green Energies, and Sustainable Living Environment. Designing of water treatment plants and their installments. Automatic water quality monitoring system development.Maintenance services through the life cycle of the treatment plants.Fast and need-based sensing devices development. Exporting automobiles to other countries. Marketing chain development in the home country. Keeping touch with the study supports foreigners (in and outside) in Japan. Consulting services for Environmental issues, Environmental Impact Assessment Methods, Effluent Treatment Plants, etc.


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